Pat Tester

New Release by Out Board, manufactured by Wirewell, a new PAT and Cable test system.

Following a ten year stint supplying bespoke multi-seat automated PAT and cable testing resources to major entertainment and presentation sector rental companies, Out Board Electronics and longstanding software associates Data Strategy have launched an all-new incarnation of their market leading, HSE-savvy electrical safety test and logging systems.

the PAT-MK4 Test Processor has been re-designed from the ground up incorporating a 32-bit RISC ARM processor to allow it to be configured to a wide range of emerging international test standards such as the imminent British Standard BS EN 62638. The revamped PATData test automation and database logging software not only controls and records the test but also provides an audit-trail for all aspects of warehouse safety inspection plus prep, pick, despatch and return logistics.

PATData carries full details of equipment preparation and test parameters, facilitating highly efficient PAT and cable test on the fly during prep or offline as part of a quarantine workflow procedure if preferred. Complex layered tests can be individually user-defined for special items such as IWB's and stage boxes, and sub-hired equipment can be temporarily tested and logged as Guest items. Test results are updated in real-time at an individual asset level for each item, and detailed PAT manifests are generated to go out with the job. Non-electrical items can also be covered by their own preparation procedures and reports, including LOLER data forms for inspection of lifting devices.

The PAT-MK4 Test Processor is available in single-phase and 3-phase configurations at 16A and 32A levels, and can be also linked to one or more CAB-5 cable test modules to perform electrical safety tests on power cables from 5 up to 30 circuits. A further optional module performs remote and fully-isolated RCD tests with results recorded in PATData.

PAT-MK4 and PATData communicate via USB or Ethernet, and the system readily networks into multi-seat, multi-site configurations including thin-client implementations. The data and operation can be seamlessly integrated into third-party software, and Data Strategy has a wealth of experience working with most contemporary products as well as a number of proprietary environments.

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