Company History

Wirewell Electronics have been providing some of the area’s biggest companies with high quality and versatile electronic services since 1995.

We have established ourselves as one of the regions most reliable high quality sub-contract houses, illustrated by the fact that all our customers are still our customers. We provide manufacturing solutions to a wide range of organisations and the services we offer are comprehensive, and fully bespoke to individual customer requirements.

We are equipped to manufacture a complete range of wiring looms, using customer drawings or a design layout service, for most sizes of electrical looms. We use either multi-stranded cable, tri-rated cable and/or standard equipment and UL approved wire. We can fit a complete range of electrical connectors such as D types, Coaxial RF SMA through to large multiway Hartings, Amphenol etc. We have a large range of hand crimping tools to suit most crimping assemblies, including IDC ribbon connectors.

We have over 20 years of expertise in cable manufacture to customer specification from a wide range of industries. These include audio cables, interconnect cables, bespoke cable assembly using customer specified connectors or we can advise for any application.

We also specialise in assembling and wiring electronic panels. From large power panels using switch gear components and heavy duty wiring, to chassis wiring using standard equipment wire ribbon cable, coaxial cable and 19 inch rack systems. We can manufacture the panels and any silk-screening the panels require using our associated local companies.

We also have extensive experience of printed circuit board manufacture from the automotive industry to the food industry. All PCBs are populated and soldered by hand and fully cleaned before inspection. We can also modify existing PCBs with hand soldered links, track cuts and hand drilling. We can produce some surface mount low quantity PCBs to customer design and arrange for bare board manufacture including UL approval.

All assemblies we manufacture can use customer free issue parts. We can also offer a full procurement service where we can buy your parts for you at a competitive rate.

We have worked closely with the audio industries producing cabling, the automotive industry LED technology security x-ray machines and automated chemistry instruments. Wirewell is an ISO9001 accredited company and our team take great pride in the quality of what they produce. All our assemblies, PCBs, cables, electronic panels and 19-inch racks undergo a full visual and continuity check to maintain the quality and reliability that our customers expect from us.

Printed circuit board manufacture from automotive...

Cable Assembly
Manufacture of cable and loom assemblies...

Chassis & Panel Wiring
Specialist assembly of heavy duty panels...

Complete Product Assembly
Production of bespoke speaker and power...

Prototyping & Design
Electronic control cabinets for high speed...

Electronic control cabinets for high speed...