Case Study

  • PCB manufacture

    PCB manufacture

    Wirewell are very heavily involved in the PCB manufacturing industry, we are able to design, prototype, populate, test and install…

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  • Livestock Industry

    Livestock Industry

    Wirewell have been involved in the design of livestock vaccination control systems. These are important units which ensure that livestock…

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  • Portable Appliance Testing

    Portable Appliance Testing

    Wirewell take pride in the work we do for the portable appliance test industry we are involved in almost every…

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  • Packing Industry

    Packing Industry

    At Wirewell we have been involved in the manufacture and installation of a number of automated packaging systems. An example…

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  • Automation Industry

    Automation Industry

    Wirewell has a small in-house design team, who recently have been working on small scale, but effective automated control systems.…

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  • Brewing Industry

    Brewing Industry

    Wirewell has recently begun producing process control panels and performing on-site installations for the Brewing industry. Most notably Wirewell were…

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  • Pharmaceutical Industry

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    The Pharmaceutical industry is one of the many sectors in which Wirewell are prominent. Wirewell has a number of customers…

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